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Breaking Benjamin - No Games HD

No Games [HD] credit to SzMusicz

No Games is the tenth track on Saturate, the first album by Breaking Benjamin, released August 5th, 2002.


The track has heavy rock and blues rock roots. The very beginning of the song features a clear electric C# (or D♭)-tuned guitar panned right, with an opening bar chord progression, followed by a high-hat panned left. Approximately three seconds into this progression, the guitar is harmonically and rhythmically matched with a similar bass riff, thus beginning the intro verse. Burnley's vocals are layered with a higher-pitched back-up vocal, with an eerie yet extremely subtle metal/heavily-distorted single guitar note in the background, with a simple drum beat using the high-hat, kick, and snare, the execution of which follows a slow melodic pace.

In the pre-chorus, or second verse, guitar two performs a basic bar chord progression, as the tempo maintains relatively the same pace, while the vocals become slightly more aggressive, the back-up vocals become deeper opposed to higher, and the guitar featured is more distorted.

As the chorus kicks in, the tempo becomes slightly faster, the vocals become clearly more aggressive, the lyrical lines become shorter, and the first guitar begins playing high single notes, as guitar two remains the same as in the pre-chrous as far as auditory setting. The end of the song features more progressive lines and a heavier presence of violin. The song's structure goes as follows: Intro/Verse 1; Pre-Chorus/Verse 2; Chorus; Verse 1; Verse 2; Chorus; Verse 2.


[Verse 1]:

This game is over
I'm mean and older
You're coming closer
Over and over

[Pre-Chorus/Verse 2]:
My dear Briana
I need an answer
What was the question?
I can't remember

Would you, want to
Feel the way that I do?
When I bend, to your will
I've fellated myself

[Verse 1]:
Tied to the needle
My drunk libido
My nervous ego
The faster we go

[Verse 2]:
You were an asshole
King of the castle
I am the meager
Follow the leader

Would you, want to
Feel the way that I do?
When I bend, to your will
I've fellated myself

[Verse 2]:
And I know, that you don't
Like the way that it goes
We're all in, so begin
Just remember I win

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