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Dark Before Dawn
Breaking Benjamin
Recorded 2014-2015
Length 42:42
Label Hollywood Records
Produced by Benjamin Burnley

Dark Before Dawn is an unreleased Breaking Benjamin album set to come out at June 23rd. It's the first Breaking Benjamin album to come out in six years, and the first album with the new lineup.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Dark" 2:10
2. "Failure" * 3:34
3. "Angels Fall" * 3:48
4. "Breaking the Silence" 3:01
5. "Hollow" 3:51
6. "Close to Heaven" 4:09
7. "Bury Me Alive" 4:04
8. "Never Again" 3:43
9. "The Great Divide" 4:12
10. "Ashes of Eden" 4:53
11. "Defeated" * 3:25
12. "Dawn" 1:52

* = Single

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